Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Mobile devices have left behind PCs in the ‘arms’ race. Today, employees, partners, customers are reach and accessing your business products and services through mobile devices. While the earlier generation of mobile devices served enterprise emails and data, the new breed of solutions such as mobile apps and analytics are fundamentally disrupting businesses. Enterprise mobility is a key driver of enterprise digital transformation.

In the current ecosystem, it has become very important for organizations to align business processes with mobility. Mobility also fits in neatly with other important technologies such as cloud and Big Data and is guiding the way companies function today. In many cases, the rise of mobility has given rise to completely new business models which have left behind traditional players.

We, at Tammina, understand, plan, design, develop and implement the project objectives for our clients using the most suitable software development methodology that is ideal for the development of the project and completely matches its needs. Though, there are a number of development methodologies which can be adopted for the execution of the project, but, we first emphasize on understanding the project goals before discussing and finalizing about the project development methodology with the client. Being one of the market leaders in the technology-based software development, domain and as an Independent software testing services company, we have worked with diverse businesses across an array of the industry verticals by leveraging the application development methodologies and have delivered desirable results..

To maximize the potential of enterprise mobility, organizations have to upgrade their legacy IT policies and adopt more agile models. Pay-per-use prices, freemium models, BYOD, EMM policies are some of the newer ways businesses are responding to the rising mobility trend.

As technology the world over continued advancing incredibly, and software as an industry kept showing signs of unprecedented growth, the supply of quality software engineers fell short of the demand. Threatening to bring India to the verge of technological extinction, We at TAMMINA INFO TECH, looked at this threat as an opportunity to establish an institution that would provide individuals and organizations superior software training, development and specialized consulting services.

By enabling employees to work on the move, enterprise mobility boosts productivity and employee satisfaction. Enterprise mobility also helps you reduce costs by delivering apps that can be used to perform key business tasks. Through access to real-time data, employees are able to deliver better services to customers resulting in improved customer satisfaction. It bolsters business operations and streamline business processes .