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Delivery Methodology

TAMMINA INFOTECH is among the most reputed providers of Web Application Development services and one of the best BPM service providers that primarily emphasizes integrating the information technology with our client’s business processes for enhancing performance and augmenting returns. We understand that every client has a distinct set of requirements, and thus, we offer an array of delivery models to suit each client’s unique requisites. Our business-driven strategies, pragmatic approach and outcome-driven solutions help you make the optimum use of technology to enhance your brand’s value through vied delivery models.

At TAMMINA INFOTECH, we place a great deal of importance on training and education. Which is why we have emerged as possibly the only software company that builds a programme around every student’s need...

Not only instructors are carefully selected and trained to provide the best possible training in the business, but they are individuals who share our values of commitment to the quality of our teaching and training for their students. Quality that gives our students the cutting-edge by keeping them on-line with the latest technology in the world and highlighted in our list of many firsts in the fact that we are the pioneers in Client Server Technology and the only software company to develop exclusive packages for students and professionals.

Development Methodology

TAMMINA INFOTECH Being a leading software development and BPM service Tammina Infotech offers highly scalable and reliable development leveraging the most advanced development tools and frameworks. However, in order to achieve defined goals and measurable results within budget and pre-defined deadlines, the development methodology also plays a vital role.

At TAMMINA INFOTECH, we place a great deal of importance on training and education. Which is why we have emerged as possibly the only software company that builds a programme around every student’s need...

We, at Tammina, understand, plan, design, develop and implement the project objectives for our clients using the most suitable software development methodology that is ideal for the development of the project and completely matches its needs. Though there are a number of development methodologies which can be adopted for the execution of the project, we first emphasize on understanding the project goals before discussing and finalizing the project development methodology with the client.

Being one of the market leaders in the technology-based software development, domain and as an Independent software testing services company, we have worked with diverse businesses across an array of industry verticals by leveraging the application development methodologies and have delivered desirable results…

Research & Development

TAMMINA INFOTECH strongly believes that it's not just our students but our institution as a whole that needs to be updated time-to-time. That's why we follow a Continuous Training Methodology, where our management and faculty alike are put through an advanced update programme every three months, thereby enhancing our training systems by developing new, dynamic techniques for better education.

As a technology, the world over continued advancing incredibly, and software as an industry kept showing signs of unprecedented growth, the supply of quality software engineers fell short of the demand. Threatening to bring India to the verge of technological extinction, We at TAMMINA INFO TECH, looked at this threat as an opportunity to establish an institution that would provide individuals and organizations with superior software training, development and specialized consulting services.

All this has been achieved through our unwavering commitment to quality. And thanks to our rich working experience with world leaders like IBM, Microsoft and Oracle, we impart an education in software that’s on-line with world standards.

Partnership Model

Every partnership model has its advantages, but a combination of two can be the perfect solution for your company. A partnership with a tech company tailors to your specific organizational needs. Models vary and include Technology As A Service (TaaS), consulting or enhancement services, and a Software as a Service (SaaS) that hosts your software and provides regular upgrades.

IT infrastructure and operations (I&O) is a business-as-usual process that is often overlooked when evaluating IT as a cost center versus a business enabler. With the ability to automate and manage provisioning, configuration, application deployment, and service levels, IT partnerships are enabling enterprises to compete and win in the long term.

A partnership model for IT is an approach to technology management that emphasizes ongoing communication, mutual problem solving, collaboration and trust between IT and the business. This contrasts with traditional IT organization models, in which IT manages its activities and interfaces with end-users or the business only as needed.

As technology becomes increasingly more essential in the world, and as the world becomes increasingly reliant on technology, the role of IT departments changes from simply supporting an application to becoming a strategic business enabler. Though there is a multitude of different opinions on what “IT” means, and who should maintain it, technological departments today should develop more strategic, business-oriented relationships with business leaders and eventually become strategic partners in addition to being service-oriented experts.

Technology Partners/ Certifications

TamminaInfoech values quality and continually seeks out new technology partners. We team up with the best of the best. We’ve worked with BigCommerce, CAKE, Drupal, Google, Magento, MooTools, OpenCart, PrestaShop, SAP, SQL Server, System Admin, Ubuntu, Zend, and WordPress. All are industry leaders and have certified our Magento eCommerce developers and designers.

With a passion for delivering premier IT solutions worldwide, our engineers provide a wide range of IT consulting services for a variety of industries, including energy, life sciences, agriculture, financial services, retail, healthcare and technology sectors. We have a group of passionate IT professionals who have successfully delivered comprehensive solutions to multiple clients over the years. Our clients include Fortune 1000 companies and many mid-size entities.

Being a technology partner or certification is a rewarding and lucrative business. Our company earned a high reputation status with several of the big giant companies in the industry, and we’ve been providing technology services for various clients globally.

Relying on technology
We heavily rely on technology to help you deliver the best of best solutions for your services. The technology ecosystem continues to change, and we are constantly evaluating technology partners that offer best-in-class capabilities for the challenges we face. We are fortunate to have a strong and long-standing relationship with various technology vendors, which allows us to quickly and efficiently develop and deliver our web applications.


With demand at record levels for IT online learning solutions, we're looking for people who are driven, interested in cutting-edge technologies and looking to work with people from around the world on a wide variety of challenging and interesting projects. We offer a unique and highly collaborative environment. Our culture is open, focused and results oriented.

As we continue to grow and expand internationally, we're looking for enthusiastic and motivated individuals to join us at this exciting time in our history and help us develop the next generation of leading learning technologies.