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Life @Tammina InfoTech

Tammina Infotech INC is a leading provider of US insurance services and IT recruitment solutions. Here at Tammina Infotech INC we as a team strive hard and work together to provide a hassle-free process for our clients by offering a wide range of US insurance services and IT staffing solutions. Our goal is to provide the best possible service to our clients and to help them find the right career path.

Here’s the place where We are a group of people who challenges and inspires everyone and work together at the workplace, spending a lot of time with each other to reach the expectations of our clients.

Here at Tammina Infotech Inc, every employee is doing their part. We always play together for our team’s success.

Life is busy? We have a ton on our plate, and we’ve spent the day mentally and physically working hard. But once it’s all done, why not we all put our brains to rest with a nice cup of coffee? Whether we’re hanging out with friends or sitting alone enjoying a chat with a colleague, it’s just like capturing happiness in a cup.

Team Outings are the best to explore life and also to meet new people in your workplace.