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About us

Solutions To Power Up Performance

With our proven implementation and methodology expertise in delivering technology solutions across multiple industries, we help you to rapidly realize the value of emerging technology and create a long term roadmap for your business.

Why Tammina Infotech?

We are the key global players in using the array of technologies that works efficiently with start-ups and multinational enterprises like Bloomberg.

We have helped a lot of clients achieve the sustainable success they deserve. Our advanced innovation with enabled technology solutions will transform the core processes for higher flexibility and greater efficiency most cost-effectively and comprehensively.

What We Do?

TAMMINA INFOTECH offers value-added solutions to RPO, Medical Billing, and US Insurance Services that help organizations focus on core businesses and stay ahead of the competition. We provide full-cycle software development from Problem statements, Requirement gathering, Solution Design and Development, Quality assurance, and Deployment and Data Security.

We visualize designs and concepts reflecting customers’ needs by implementing a product development life-cycle. We are highly proficient in every step we take to streamline the process, easy to navigate and steadfast in terms of performance excellence.

Our Team

We have a team of experienced, like-minded professionals dedicated to one cause—helping businesses process solutions to increase their growth value through end-to-end solutions and services to our customers with a strong focus on measurable results. With proven experience and domain expertise in RPO, Medical Billing, Software Development, and US Insurance Services, we enable operational excellence by rendering strategic solutions