IT Staffing and RPO

In today's corporate world, quick thinking is essential. TAMMINA's expertise at the crossroads
of talent and business is grounded on the company's dedication to listening to and learning
about its clients' demands and the professional goals of its employees.

We help you accomplish and maximise the most strategic and variable component to business success by providing you with the right people, the right skills, the right capabilities, and the appropriate attitudes in our capacity as one of the leading IT staffing businesses.

We are an out-of-the-box technical staffing firm, and our partnership approach is tailored to meet your specific needs. Whether you're looking for short-term, seasonal, or temporary IT staffing support, contract-to-hire talent for project-based support, or permanent top talent, we can help. We provide onsite, offsite, and offshore (IT staff outsourcing) options for Contract Staffing in the information technology industry.
We provide a variety of temporary staffing services, such as IT staff augmentation firms and IT staffing agencies, and are well recognised as a leader in the IT staffing market.

There are many ways in which we differentiate from the competition as an IT staffing service and hiring firm

We can discover the most suitable candidates because we have access to over 30+ skilled IT recruiters.
You may trust that we will discover the best people for the job. After putting each candidate through a rigorous qualification procedure, we give you a list of the top picks who meet your needs.
In order to fulfil your needs, we promise to provide the ideal solution. By coming from a place of sincerity, we are able to steer the relationship, boost productivity, and keep employees happy.
Recruitment Process

Outsourcing ( RPO )

Recruitment process outsourcing is a workforce solution that allows businesses to contract out all or part of the hiring process to an outside firm. TAMMINA is a market leader in India and internationally for recruitment process outsourcing services.

By collaborating with TAMMINA RPO, you can reach a larger pool of qualified candidates, including those who are actively seeking employment as well as those who are just considering their possibilities. Because of this, TAMMINA RPO is often regarded as the first of its kind in the field of recruitment process outsourcing in India

TAMMINA RPO handles all of a company’s permanent hiring needs. An efficient recruitment process outsourcing programme can equip a company with a talent acquisition team, cutting-edge recruitment technologies, and flexible recruiting practices.

Dedicated teams of experts in staffing across industries and functions are on board. They can speed up the hiring process for firms by connecting them with suitable candidates


TAMMINA RPO services thoroughly verify applicants' personal, academic, and professional backgrounds. Tammina RPO helps urgently needed enterprises outsource recruitment.

We are experts in this field and used inventive recruitment techniques, which benefited the firm. TAMMINA RPO uses long- and short-term strategies to find suitable candidates. Outsourcing recruiting frequently begins with an agreement detailing the project's goals, scope, timeline, and budget.

Find qualified candidates with a seasoned recruitment firm.

Lessening of Expenditures
Accurately and quickly fill vacancies with qualified candidates on a large scale
Add security by filling open positions that are diffcult to filll.
Create a hiring system that can adjust to any circumstance.
Conventional Observance Around the World
Conventional Observance Around the World
Spending cuts in the war for talent
Increased Interest in Applying
Stronger tactical understanding
An Efficient Method of Hiring
Find and hire capable people that are a good fit for the position.
We pride ourselves in our commitment to you at TAMMINA IT, we know successful relationships are the cornerstone of our business. We work closely with you to intimately understand your needs in the following industries:
Information Technology
Finance & Accounting
Architectural & Engineering
Real Estate

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© Tammina Infotech Inc. All rights reserved.