US Insurance Solutions

US Insurance Solutions

To assist insurance firms to run more effectively and profitably, Tammina IT provides a range of US insurance solutions. The best place to learn about insurance risk is Tammina. We rely on our extensive knowledge of data management and our proficiency in predictive modelling to help our clients.

We conduct data analysis and provide information in ways that our clients may utilise. Also, we create useful tools that fit into the workflow of our clients.

Tammina IT representatives assist agencies with carrying out their daily operations. After being assigned, an agent completes the required paperwork and completes tasks. Throughout the processing of the duties, the agent will follow up as needed by our clients to ensure everything is in order.


Our products assist customers in protecting people, assets, and property both domestically and abroad. Tammina’s business units provide decision analytics and risk assessment services to experts across a variety of specialties in the insurance sector. As Tammina IT representative gets to know our customers, trust gradually grows. Agents can connect customers to the right resource if they need more assistance.
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Business Management
Employee Resourcing
Strategy Management
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We offer a
superior solution

We offer a superior solution that will assist organisations in maximising their potential for revenue growth while maintaining their cash flow estimates.

Tammina IT is an industry leader when it comes to creating solutions that are specifically adapted to meet the requirements of insurance companies and brokers. Our individualised strategies are fashioned to reduce wasteful expenditures while simultaneously increasing levels of revenue.
Broker's Competitive Advantage
Tammina IT insurance process assistance will help you get the most out of your team, your tools, and your business.

Due to increased expectations for greater pay, benefits, and flexible hours, agencies must spend more to recruit and retain personnel.
Customized Insurance Solutions
We took a great effort when creating our model to minimise operational inefficiencies. This organised procedure will be adaptable to all of your business requirements.

We will learn about your business goals and account team to better assess your needs and recommend process solutions.
Certificate Services
When your company makes use of our COI issuance solutions, it will be able to issue certificates promptly without adding to the workload of its existing people.

This is because our solutions are automated.

© Tammina Infotech Inc. All rights reserved.

© Tammina Infotech Inc. All rights reserved.