Medical Billing

TAMMINA guarantees better efficiency, higher accuracy, and better ROI with an improved billing approach as the leading destination among all the top medical billing outsourcing companies, with over 100 excellent industry references.

Medical Billing

Medical billing services are never a “one-size-fits-all” solution. Every speciality has its own set of demands, and you need the right partner with the right knowledge who understands the demands of your practice.

This is why, with over a decade of experience in medical billing and coding services, TAMMINA Services. provides you with a pool of excellent medical billers and certified coders to handle all of your billing needs. If you are looking for a medical billing services company that is safe, knowledgeable, and responsive, look no further.


For healthcare providers that offer critical care services, optimizing the medical billing process is a primary focus area to ensure sustained, long-term operations. From streamlining the complex collections process to overcoming continual declines in reimbursements and satisfying HIPAA requirements, there are a number of tasks that constitute the medical billing process and lead to the successful close of a revenue generation cycle.

Outsourcing to Tammina Infotech, a leading Medical Billing Outsourcing Services company, will enable your healthcare business to accelerate the pace of revenue generation, reduce operational expenses and increase the efficiency delivered by the system.

Tammina Infotech is an expert provider of outsourced HIPAA compliant Medical Billing Services. We provide end-to-end medical billing services and act as a mediator between insurance companies and hospitals or healthcare providers. Healthcare organizations are faced with the possibility of losing large quantities of money every year due to underpricing, coding errors, non-reimbursed claims and missed charges. When you outsource medical billing services to Tammina Infotech, we provide an output of the highest quality and accuracy and eliminate the occurrence of these losses.


Physicians and providers across the country are struggling to and qualified medical billers and coders to relieve them of administrative burdens. It is a specialised function that necessitates the involvement of quality experts who can ensure that your claims are error-free, thereby reducing denials.

Correctly applied

TAMMINA medical coding professionals ensure that the codes are correctly applied to every claim throughout the medical billing service. Medical codes convert clinical documents into standardised codes and inform payers about the patient's diagnosis

An expert medical billing team can boost practice revenue and ROI by outsourcing medical billing. Sunknowledge can assist. Our medical billing and coding experts will maximise your reimbursements swiftly. We also offer customised medical billing support.

Why Choose
TAMMINA Medical billing service

Sunknowledge, one of the leading medical billing businesses, provides comprehensive RCM solutions with the greatest productivity metrics and works with some of the largest US providers. Our extensive knowledge of healthcare billing standards, coding complexity, compliance requirements, and more can rapidly lower your healthcare billing expenditures by more than half.
Highest Productivity Metrics in the Industry
Our expert can meet and beat any price
40% Instant Reduction in Operational Costs
Customized Reporting to Meet Your Specific Needs
Dedicated Account Managers for Seamless Communication
Highly Experienced Billers & (CPC Certified) Coders
Proficiency in Multiple Practice Management/Client Proprietary Systems
Many providers struggle to manage medical billing operations due to current expectations, a tough labour market, and changing billing standards. Providers must prioritise invoicing over patient care to improve reimbursement. So, more providers are outsourcing medical billing to avoid staff shortages.

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© Tammina Infotech Inc. All rights reserved.