Integrated Insurance Solutions

Archive Digitization Services

The process of ensuring the longevity of voluminous physical documents in its custody, and providing quicker access to archive records can take more than a month. This is a tedious job and to overcome this challenge we help Archives to go digital.

To expand the access reach to the Archives’ collections and reduce the impact of frequent handling of the old or fragile material, we help the Archives to digitize and maintain their most valuable collections. We help create high-resolution copies of the Archives’ digitized collections with scanning and enhanced OCR for more in-depth analysis. In addition to this service as a package, we are offering our indexing service for digital documents, for easy retrieval of information. We also offer digitized files to get uploaded on a Document Management System and can also help the archives in making the archival records available on one single, secure platform.

Data Entry Services

In this tech-driven world, digitization is a prerequisite for most businesses; irrespective of the industry they operate in. It in fact, goes a long way in determining the long-term operations of organizations.

We have built a strong, committed Data Entry Services team that delivers high-end results. What’s more, our highly trained professionals work with advanced tools to help ensure up to 99% accuracy!

You can depend and trust on our reliable data entry services to improve efficiency and develop a powerful, accessible database of key information. Our data entry services will support your need to optimally utilize resources and confidently pursue core business goals.

Data Transcription Services

The way we approach the data information is changing globally. Now more than ever before, industry leaders are counting on reliable, highly accurate data transcription for their businesses.

We offer secure and completely customized data transcription for a variety of Industries. Our workforce management platform has been built with industry’s best information security protocols and processes to ensure that your data is safe, encrypted and securely maintained.

Whether your company is in the AI/ML, medical, legal, technology, educational, consulting, or market research industries, we provide the best solution provider for your data transcription requirement. Through a combination of the latest technology paired with the very best in human intelligence, we can deliver a wide variety of data transcription service that can be utilized for any use case. The technology and workflows we have built-in enable us to deliver the highest quality data consistently.

Data Conversion Services

The major roadblock for the workflow of business processes and operations is unorganized information. Now, when you outsource data conversion services, your data can be compressed and modified into a portable, easily stored, and shared format.

We handle all your data conversion, saving you both time and money. We have the best skilled manpower, latest technology, and expertise in digitization to deliver seamless data conversion services across all industry verticals.

We offer the complete spectrum of data conversion solutions for enterprises, corporations, universities, libraries, publishers, and academic institutions both international and domestic. We’re experts in converting complex documents, data, and digitization of hard copy files, and we guarantee delivery in a format as per your requirement. And most importantly, we eliminate all possibilities of data loss in the conversion process.

Data Capturing Services

Data Capture is a significant part of the many business processes at an organization. Outsourcing your data capture services allows you to concentrate on your core activities to further enhance your business. Letting an experienced company handle your electronic data capture tasks reduces costs, improves quality, accuracy, and productivity letting you concentrate on your business growth.

We provide high quality data capture services and has successfully established ourselves as one of the leading organization in this line of business. We provide services at competitive prices, meeting international standards and quality within stipulated timeframes. Typically, we achieve a 99.95% or higher accuracy through our data conversion service for our clients. We comply with the best and latest data security standards, meeting the clients’ security, timeline and cost.

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© Tammina Infotech Inc. All rights reserved.

© Tammina Infotech Inc. All rights reserved.