Integrated Insurance Solutions

Get the most from your staff, your technology and your agency with Copact’s insurance process support.

Copact is the Broker’s
Competitive Advantage

Insurance agencies today are struggling with the common problem of finding talent and retaining them. Due to the demand of higher wages, more benefits, and flexible schedules, agencies now have to spend more cash to find the right people and to meet the demands.

How do you keep your spending under your control and grow your business? We have a better solution to this situation for agencies to enhance their revenue growing ability and yet keeping the cash flow planned.

Copact provides insurance agencies and brokers solutions that are perfect your business needs. Our solutions are tailor made that are focused to reduce the extra expense and increase revenue.

Certificate Services

Copact’s COI issuance tools let your agency deliver accurate and timely certificates  without adding workload to your staff.

Policy Services

Copact provides comprehensive policy checking services in a timely & error-free, ensuring excellent accuracy.

Accounting Services

Copact helps you get paid faster. Our team will manage billing and invoicing transactions and deliver timely updates to your agency management system, allowing your billing process to be more efficient.

Document Retreivel and Indexing

Inbound email is tedious and time-consuming for your account managers. Copact acts as a virtual assistant, trained to review, triage and index documents from carriers, customers and prospects into your AMS

Loss Runs and Summaries

Streamline your renewals and new business process by allowing Copact to provide loss data to your producers and staff.

Date Entry Services

Insurance runs on data and Copact Data Services helps agencies transition between AMS, update new business/producer data and more.

Implementation RoadmapThe Copact Process

Podcasting operational change management inside of workflows to establish a framework. Taking seamless key performance indicators offline to maximise the long tail.
Step 1

Copact initiates the implementation by working to understand your current processes. We will take time to understand your business goals and how your account staff works to better assess your needs and deliver the right process solutions.
Step 2

Copact will work closely with your management and staff to develop and document step-to-step business process manuals which will be used during training and implementation.
Step 3

To ensure a smooth roll-out of services, all process procedures and manuals are tested thoroughly and approved by the agency to ensure the business processes are efficient and nothing no details are missed.
Step 4
Going Live

Once the agency feels comfortable with our testing results, it’s time to go-live. The agency will be assigned a relationship manager that will monitor all processes and provide frequent updates to agency management.

© Tammina Infotech Inc. All rights reserved.

© Tammina Infotech Inc. All rights reserved.