Document Management Systems

By implementing document management systems into your practice, you’ll make your business run faster and more efficiently.

Management Systems
What is Document Management System?

A Document Management System (DMS) is a software system designed to manage
documents, files, and other information. A DMS is a digital storage system that is designed
to organize, standardize, store, retrieve, distribute, preserve and protect documents, maps,
video, audio and other digital data.

Managing documents can be a nightmare. From mountains of paperwork to more emails
and invoices than you know what to do with, finding a way to store all your important
documents is a nightmare. Fortunately, there are ways to improve how you handle your
company’s important documents. By implementing document management systems into your practice, you’ll make your business run faster and more efficiently

Document Management Systems
for Insurance

Database is transforming the insurance industry. But what does that mean for insurers and
their customers?

The insurance industry has been slow to adopt new technologies. That’s starting to change,
as insurers experiment with new ways of doing business.

New approaches to data, customer engagement, and risk management are changing the
way insurers interact with customers. And they’re making insurers more efficient, too.

Managing data has long been a challenge for insurers. Now, many companies are adopting
data management systems or DMSes.

DMSes consolidate data from multiple sources and simplify how insurers deal with data.
They also help insurers gather data faster, helping them make better business decisions.
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Document management systems for insurance

For insurers, document management systems present an opportunity to reduce costs and
improve operational efficiency.
Insurance DMS enables insurers to automate workflows and approve documents quickly.
Insurers can streamline activities such as proposal and policy management while improving

A Better Way Streamline
Insurance Workflow Process

A new computer system will make insurance transactions more efficient.
More than 5,000 insurers across the globe use software from different types of document
management systems back to excellent features and ease of use. These DMSes automate
insurance processes, from policy issuance and billing to claims management.
Enabling Integrated Seamless Process for Insurers
A seamless process that enables insurers to issue, reissue, and process insurance coverage

A document capture platform that provides a single, integrated user experience for insurers
to issue, reissue, and process all insurance documentation, including endorsements,
certificates, and declarations.

The TamminaInfotech’s DMS platform provides an integrated way to capture, digitize, and
issue policies, certificates, endorsements, and declarations, and provide a single user
experience for issuing and underwriting documentation.

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The right technology can help propel employees forward.

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© Tammina Infotech Inc. All rights reserved.