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US Insurance Services

Tammina IT offers a variety of US insurance services to help agencies to be efficient and profitable.

Agents at Tammina IT works with agencies to help perform their day to day tasks. Once agent is assigned, the agent processes all the necessary paperwork and gets work done.

The agent will follow up as needed by our clients throughout the processing of the tasks to make sure everything is in order.

Tammina IT agent develops relationship with our clients, which over time, creates trust. If clients require additional help, agents can direct our clients to an appropriate resource.


At Tammina Infotech, we offer the best US Insurance Solutions for insurance services and risk management solutions. Our focus is to protect our clients’ interests, assets and reputations and to mitigate any potential losses.

We work with organizations and agencies to understand the insurance implications of their client’s business activities and then develop tailored insurance programs. This can involve creating insurance solutions to protect mission-critical business solutions.

Working with our highly experienced staff, we are able to provide the solutions and services needed to meet each client’s needs.

The clients include Insurance Agencies, Brokers, Wholesalers, MGA’s and Carrier’s.

Our goal is to provide companies with the highest level of service and reduce any potential losses.

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